Design of experiments

What is Design of experiments?

If you are involved in research, improving a certain situation or in creating something new, it is very likely that you have to perform experiments. While thinking about the factors to study and how the experiments should be set up, you wish to have the availability over a colleague who helps you with the best combination of experiments, who does the analysis of the results and instruct what you further need to do with the acquired knowledge. You will most probably ask your colleague to help you to construct a formula that will predict the outcome when changing the value of the variable factors that you want to manipulate in order to obtain the best possible outcome of your experiments.
You further would like your colleague to tell you if the factors that you study are the factors that you should study at all, or that their impact on the outcome that you are looking for is far less relevant than you thought they were.
In most cases a colleague like that is not available and if that colleague would be present, he or she would apply statistical methods, knowing that only applying a logic and rational reasoning will not be sufficient to give answers that make real sense.
Alleviating Science offers you this colleague and the relevant statistical methodologies in an attractive online software package. is software 24/7 available through the cloud, that will present itself like a manual, and guides you step by step to economically and efficiently set up, analyze and finally provide you a dashboard on your computer, tablet or phone. That dashboard will allow you to change the levels of the relevant factors under study, and see their impact in a multi-dimensional moving scale, helping you to draw appropriate conclusions and to give smart direction to the improvements or innovations that you are looking for.

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